Post excerpt is disappear : Displaying the post excerpt

This fast article will show you how to enable the excerpt box of WordPress post editor. In order to display the excerpt in the post editor of WordPress, just mark the ‘excerpt’ check box in the ‘Screen Option’. The post editor will reloaded with the excerpt box inside. Stages: Go to the post editor. Open […]

WordPress 3.1 changes

From WordPress version 3.1 the excerpt box of the post editor is ‘disappear’. Well, this excerpt box is actually hidden from wordpress 3.1. For some reason, the developers team of WordPress decide to remove this useful text box from the default installation of WordPress. You can learn how to add the excerpt box here. […]

Receive Fax For Free

would you like to receive faxes from your pc for free? We have the right program for you! The PC Fax Receiver is another free program of bit4free, this very simple program design for windows and it can receive faxes to tiff files, using your PC and 56k fax modem device. The PC Fax Receiver […]

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Converting Audio With Visual Basic 6

Convert MP3, WAV, ACM, WMA, OGG, APE and more audio files with VB6.

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About the XML PAD file

Category: Tutorials, WiserBit

What is a Pad file? Pad file is an xml file containing the information about software/shareware/freeware etc. This type of file was released by ASP (Association of Software Professionals) and it is usually used by software authors to publish them products to ‘download sites’ around the internet. The most of the download sites around the […]

PAD File ActiveX

PAD ActiveX is a free ActiveX component for developers and software authors, with this component you will have the ability to create, write and read XML pad files. Here is an example of reading XML PAD file using the PAD ActiveX component under Visual Basic 6: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 […]

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Displaying code inside WordPress post.

If you want to display source code, tags, script or any other element inside a WordPress posts or pages or categories, etc.. I’ve found the WP-Syntax Plugin to be very useful. This plugin can highlight source code text, support many languages, and very easy to use. “How it’s work?”: All you need to do is […]

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Adding pictures and images to WordPress.

Category: Mobile, News, Software, Tutorials

In some cases, you may want to add one or more pictures (or images) to your WordPress posts, topics, pages, comments etc… You can do so by adding the ‘IMG’ tag to your post. This ‘IMG’ tag is an HTML tag that make the browser displaying an image from local path (our server), or from […]

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