WebIntoApp.com V2 is now online!

Version 2 of the WebIntoApp.com is now online! From now on you can also convert your HTML files (with JS and CSS) into a mobile App for Android & iOS.

Here are some of the new features we have added to WebIntoApp Version 2:

  • Convert WEB / HTML / JS / CSS Into Mobile App.
  • Get know who, when & where your App was installed.
  • Set the Splash Screen / Firebase / AdMob and the Settings in the App Maker.
  • Fresh new Dashboard that allows you to manage all of your Apps, online and easily.
  • Android SDK V30 + iOS SDK V12.2
  • FREE & Dedicated Plans.

Screen shots:

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Free Convert Website To App for Android (WebView)


A new tutorial to convert your website into a mobile app, online, for Android and iOS is now available and open for all.

The WebIntoApp Creator
The WebIntoApp Creator

Webintoapp.com is a website that allows you to convert your website to a mobile app for Android and iOS (called also WebView App), online and within a minute.

All you need to do is to set the URL of the website that you want to convert to a mobile app, give it a name, set some features around and click on the Convert button, the system will generate APK file for you with all the details about the Ownership and Certification, so you can not only share your app with your friends, you can even publish it to the Google Play Store.

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Posted by WebIntoapp.com on Friday, June 12, 2020
Tutorial to convert your website into a mobile app, online, for Android and for free.

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